About Lukovska Spa


Banja is located in the south of Serbia, on the eastern slopes of Mountain Kopaonik, one kilometer from the village of Lukovo, after whom it was named. Banja Banja is situated in the valley of the upper course Lukovska River (a tributary of the river Toplice). It is located at almost 700 meters above sea level which makes it the highest spa in Serbia. In the area of Lukovska spa prevails moderate - continental climate, with moderately cold winters and moderately warm summers. Because of the altitude Lukovska Banja is considered air/oxygen spa, the more so that in the area preserved in its original nature and the wider area around there is no industrial facilities. Spa consists of two parts which are referred to as upper (West) spa with 20 natural sources and two wells and Lower (Eastern) spa with 13 natural sources and two wells.

Sour hypo thermal in lower spa is considered good for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system. In upper spa is allocated a number of sources which assist in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, venous vessels, for regulating the pressure, the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and the urinary bladder.

Lukovska SPA donated to the crystal with pure air, a temperate climate and 37 mineral water springs, of different composition, and the temperature varies between 28-69 ° C. Diseases whose treatments for this water is to be most effective are: inflammatory rheumatism rheumatism osteoporosis gout conditions after bone fractures or surgical intervention on the bone-joint system conditions after a prosthetic hip and knee, gynecological disorders and other the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and the urinary bladder. Spa is great for patients who need care after a prosthetic hip and knee, gynecological disorders and other.


When you arrive in Banja your health can check the spa doctor and to recommend the necessary treatment. In addition to that, either with or without hydro massage, the doctors with attention and serious commitment prescribed to each patient, and other therapeutic methods such as application of mud made the use of thermal water, electro therapy, kinetic or massage. In addition, when the pool and can also use the two modern bathrooms at the source of mineral water: Šljivak and Guest Milutina King, as well as resources in Upper Spa, where in one place, occurs more than one source of the thermal waters of varied composition and temperature. Also, the altitude and the air flow conditions provide for the treatment of anemia, recovery after serious diseases, recovery after a heart attack and brain.

VIRIĆI - small pools


(Virići) are small pools in which the spontaneous healing of rising thermal mineral water which is in its composition, slightly alkaline, and is rich in calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. There are four small pools that have the primary purpose of such baths peripheral joints (feet, hands, shins, elbows). Water having a temperature of 33 ° C on the coldest to 44 ° C in the hottest small pool.


The pool in the bathroom Šljivak is located at the source of thermal mineral water temperature of 42 ° C. Bathroom Šljivak of all baths and swimming pools in Lukovska Banja the most visited, because guests find that the water in the pool that is the strongest. most curative ones. Composition of the water in this pool is specific: it contains carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. It is therefore suitable for the treatment of rheumatic diseases.